The Chameleon Racism in Germany

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Rahmana Dziubany

Juni 2020 - Veröffentlicht im Ruh Newsletter der Ruhaniat international.


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I am living outside of Berlin in the county Brandenburg - in the midst of an idyllic UNESCO protected area - full of seemingly unspoiled forests, fields, moors, lakes, rivers, historical water channels and foremost what I love the most: these wide horizons. Hundreds of cranes land on the field behind my house which changes its face year by year from yellow (sunflowers) to red (poppy flowers) or green (different sorts of grain)….here I am at my house “Ananda” (Ananda means “bliss” in Sanskrit), retreat center, Sufi home, home/refuge for the many, and cultural meeting point of the region, and of our International Dance Network.


Our nearest town Eberswalde, is an attractive meeting point of international students as it hosts a university for sustainable development which belongs to the German wide initiative “OPENMINDED HIGH SCHOOLS AGAINST RACISM”. The Finowgmynasium, the school my daughter Aisha had visited, belongs itself to a European network “Schools without Racism - Schools with Courage”, where students actively research the mechanism of racism, work on solutions and create events for the region.


Despite the positive and future orientated education system Eberswalde has, the town become famous because of his former citizen Antonio Amadeu, a workman from Angola, who was beaten to death by youngsters because he was black. He was the first victim of racism in 1990 after the Berlin wall came down. His son, Antonio Amadeu Jr. has never met him, because he was born a few weeks after the death of his father. He still lives, together with his family, in our region and states that racist insults are part of his daily life.


Statistics show that its more dangerous for migrants to live in the East German area than in the West. When the wall came down the people here were promised to get “blossoming landscapes” and a prosperous future. These promises were not kept. Factories and businesses were closed, jobs were lost, hundreds of thousands of people moved to the West. High positions in politics, economics and justice were given to West Germans. The average salaries of the East Germans are still much less than in the West. The frustration of the population which feels betrayed is mirrored in rageful demonstrations against the successes of antiracist, rightwing groups, movements and parties. The rightwing activists succeeded indeed to create new Nazi structures. At our local elections the extreme rightwing party AFD had the second highest vote, and the government party of Angela Merkel only reached 13.5%.




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